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Thank you for visiting my shop, it is still under construction but feel free to look around. If you have any problems with the checkout page, contact me directly at (904-472-5082).

Original oil paintings:

There is only one each of my original oil paintings. If available, you will see a button with the price of the painting. If you purchase one of my original oil paintings and would like a picture with me, feel free to contact me for locations where I will be painting. Bring the painting, we can meet and take a photo together.

Prints of my paintings:

If you would like a print of one my original oil paintings, you can purchase an NFT. The NFT will have enough image quality  for you to print an 8x10 or 10x8 wall print. If you would like a wall print larger than that, you can message me and I will send you the highest quality image that I have of the specific NFT you purchased. (One print per NFT, no commercial use)


I am offering #0001 NFTs, for Provenance with my original oil paintings for $25. USD. (Only to the original owner). If you have purchased one of my paintings and would like the #0001 NFT, please contact me.
NFTs of all my paintings are in the making! Click the BUY NFT button to purchase an NFT of my painting. NFTs are numbered 0002 to 0100 and can only be purchased with Cardano (ADA) at the moment. In the future, NFTs will be available to be purchased with USD, ETH, and MATIC as well. NFT's are $15. USD.
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“ Annora's Network ”
My Network is a group of local businesses that I have established a friendship with.
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